Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What (Who) is Davis Cartage Co.?

In 1932, Maurice R. Davis borrowed $700.00 from his grandfather and purchased a Chevrolet truck with which he began hauling sugar beets from Fairgrove, Michigan to the mill in Caro, Michigan.

Today over 120 employees, at two different facilities, ensure that the fleet of 80 trucks and trailers are traveling throughout our service areas picking up and delivering freight.  Our common carrier fleet includes 53' long trailers, 8-axles, semi-vans, flat racks, tankers, and straight trucks which enable us to service any customer.  Our storage trailers are tracked on a daily basis for our customer's convenience.

Davis has been innovating high-quality transportation combined with warehousing to provide Michigan and surrounding areas with the most effective trucking in the industry.

Davis Cartage continues to be major carrier for sugar throughout Michigan.

2)  What is our service area?

Our service area is Michigan, our bordering states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, as well as Canada.  We also travel to the east, the south and have daily runs to the west.

Our headquarters are located in Corunna, in the heart of Michigan, between Lansing (our State capitol) and Flint.  We are within a few hours drive time of Detroit, Saginaw, and Grand Rapids.

Another Davis Cartage Co. is located in Niles, Michigan, close to the Indiana border and within a few hours of Chicago and Indianapolis. This terminal services the drivers and freight from that region.

Davis is moving towards more rail business in the future.

3)  I thought Davis Cartage was a transportation company?  What warehouse capacity business does Davis
     Cartage handle?

Transporting freight is 90% of our business.  Warehousing has become a growing demand and Davis leads our area with warehousing, distribution and transporting products from our various sites.  With access to 5 warehouses in Shiawassee County and 1 warehouse in Berrien County, totaling 450,000 sq. ft., we have an edge on our competitors.

4)  What makes Davis Cartage different from other carriers?

We can optimize your logistics operations and reduce your overall costs.  Davis has solutions to your transportation needs by using our satellite technologies to track all shipments.  We are dedicated to shipment planning and delivery execution of freight.  We understand the importance of "customer track and trace", as well as matching capacity with truckloads.

Online invoicing, carrier pay status, viewing inventory and reports are all part of our commitment to excellence.

5)  Who are your major customers?

Our major customers represent the automotive, corrigated and food stuffs industries.

We have always received high ratings for assisting our customers to reach their goals.

6)  What kind of market penetration does Davis Cartage have?

Truckload carrier, LTL carrier, Cross Dock Operations, Special Transport and Warehousing.

In 1996, the Company implemented a business strategy to become a trucking-warehousing carrier.  As a result, Davis Cartage has 5 warehouses in Shiawassee county and one in Berrien county to accommodate our vendors.  Additionally, the Company made several equipment acquisitions to enhance its trucking operations and with two terminals capable of moving and warehousing freight we are becoming a top competitor.  For more about the Company's history, visit the History tab above. 

In 2002, Davis Cartage had 100% market penetration with the top 10 companies in North America and we take pride in transporting freight to nine out of 10 markets.

7)  What is your Company’s vision and mission?

Our Vision:  We, working together as a team with uncompromising ethics and integrity, will strive to meet our customers’ expectations and the expectations of our team members.

Our Mission: To provide excellence in delivering value-added logistical services while maintaining mutually beneficial long-term relationships with our business partners.

8)  What is “tracking” and how is Davis Cartage positioned to benefit from this trend?

Tracking and tracing enables customers to check pick up and delivery times. Our customers can also trace Bill of Ladings, weight, unit amount and other information. This is the trend of electronic and computer integration is setting the standard for both automotive manufacturers and the shipping industry.

9)  What is Davis Cartage Co. doing to develop new service areas?

Davis Cartage is constantly investigating new technologies and how to best utilize these for maximum benefit by our customers. We are constantly investigating new technology moving towards our future. Davis is well-positioned to meet the challenges that future trucking industry presents.