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Davis Cartage Company Celebrates 75 Years in Business!

Davis Cartage Company, a leading local trucking and warehousing firm is celebrating 75 years of successfully exceeding our customer's expectations.  Throughout these 75 years, Davis has earned a reputation as a premier on-time trucking firm that provides superior customer service.  Our team makes all the difference and our customers regularly reach out to thank us for the extraordinary kindness and consideration our staff provides; whether it is making sure products are delivered on time and unblemished, or how they are treated.

Our smaller size allows for personal relationships with our customers and the ability to accommodate requests quickly.

"Davis purposely diversifies, which ensures our continued success!  Even when other industries experience a slow down, Davis keeps the wheels rolling and allows our employees to continue providing for their families.  We are proud of our longevity...and longevity is another word for success!"
                                               -Glen Merkel, President