It all started in 1932 when a young Maurice Davis ventured off the family farm in Michigan’s Thumb Region to start what would eventually become Davis Cartage Co. Fresh out of high school with a generous $700.00 loan from his Grandfather, Maurice purchased a Chevy Truck and began hauling sugar beets from the farm to a nearby sugar mill.

As success came early for Maurice, he was able to quickly pay off his loan and expand his business by purchasing Semi Trucks and Trailers. In 1941, Davis Cartage Co. was incorporated, and expanded to a larger nearby facility in Saginaw-Michigan. Auto Parts, Retail Goods, and Agricultural Commodities soon fueled the growth of Davis Cartage, and we are proud to still work with the same business partners that were the foundation of our beginnings.

Over the decades our business has transitioned ownership from family members to the current members of our executive management team. We currently maintain corporate offices in Corunna – Michigan, with additional Service Centers at various locations in Lower Michigan.

With over 100 Team Members, Davis Cartage Co. maintains the same diversification principles that were established by our founder in 1941. Principles that help us maintain a financially sound company that is a recognized leader in safety and service excellence. Much in our world has changed since a young Maurice Davis hauled that 1st load of sugar beets in his Chevy truck, but little has changed in our mission of providing timely best in class solutions to address your transportation and distribution needs.

As consumers continue to demand wider variety and faster solutions, we will continue to listen and build our service offerings to meet those needs.